Mint Robot

Mint Automatic Robotic Hardwood Floor Cleaner 4200

Superior pet hair pick-up power

  • MSRP: $199.00 USD
  • Brand: iRobot
  • Color: White
  • Included Components:
    • Quick Start Guide
    • User Manual
    • Power Adapter
    • Navigation Cube (with batteries)
    • Floor Cleaner Solution
    • 1 Wet Mopping Microfiber Cloth
    • 2 Dry Sweeping Microfiber Cloths
  • Filter Type: Cloth
  • Surfaces: Tile, Floor
  • Controller Type: Button Control
  • Batteries: Included

About this device:

  • Compact robot floor cleaner runs up to 3 Hours on single charge using microfiber cloths or most brands of disposable cloths
  • Guided by North Star Navigation System to methodically clean open areas, around furniture and rugs, and along room perimeter
  • Whisper-quiet operation; turns itself off when finished
  • Low maintenance with no bins to empty or filters to change
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Measures: 9.6 inches wide by 8.5 inches deep by 3.1 inches high
  • Shipping Weight: 7 Pounds
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