Why Wood?

Why Choose Hardwood Flooring?

Natural Beauty – A Product of Mother Nature!

Wood flooring is a great way to bring the feel of the outdoors right into your home. Wood floors add to the beauty, sophistication, and appeal of any interior. The elegance and clean lines of wood flooring never goes out of style.

Wood is Cleaner – Carpet traps dirt, dust, pollen, and mold!

Wood Flooring is easier to clean and to keep clean. With carpet, your family is litterally walking and crawling on dirt. Even after vacuming , shampooing, and steam cleaning your carpet will still have foreign material embeded in its fibers. The air quality in your home can suffer severly from dirty and poorly maintained carpeting. Those who are sensitive to pollen, mold, or dust find wood floors are an easy way to improve their day to day living.

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Add Property Value – Wood means lasting value and savings!

Wood floors enhance the value and class of any home, it’s an investment you can stand firmly on. Caring for wood flooring is also easier on the homeowner’s budget due to lower recurring maintenance and repair costs as compared to carpeting. Expensive cleaning chemicals, cleaner rentals, and professional cleaning services make carpeting one of the most expensive flooring options to own. Don’t let carpet steal your hard earned cash! A professional hardwood flooring installation is an investment you can stand firmly on.

Mint Hardwood Flooring will help you choose the best strategy for your flooring future.

Long Lasting Investment – Wood flooring can last 50 Years or longer!

Get a half a cetury or more of usefull lifetime out of your hardwood installation. Wood floors are a lifetime and most importantly – a one time investment. Carpeting will need to be replaced more than 4 times during the service lifetime of a wood flooring installation. Over time, the added costs of cleaning and replacing the carpet several times easily surpases the intial investment of wood flooring.

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